The Savvy Investor

December 2011 In this Issue: • How to Survive a Downturn • Why Lenders May not Pass on the RBA Cut • Can my partner’s children challenge my will?... [more]

Money Smart Tips December

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The Savvy Investor

When Markets Overreact, 7 Handy Rules For Investing, What Would Happen If There Was No Wage? Paid Parental Leave Is Nice But Is It Enough... [more]

August Snapshot

Markets in the United States and in Europe have fallen sharply over recent trading sessions and investors from Wall Street to Trafalgar Square, Collins Street to Champs Elysees, all have the same question on their lips: What should I do? Do I sit tight, or should I sell up?... [more]

Money Smart Tips August

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July Snapshot

Australian investors could be forgiven for feeling bewildered. This time last year, there was confidence we had weathered the global economic storm better than most. That turned out to be right, but where is the big lift in prosperity - and share prices?... [more]

Money Smart Tips July

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June Snapshot

Australian house prices are falling. While that is clear, opinion is divided about the long-term outlook. Are we watching a housing bubble about to burst or a pause before returning to business as usual? Or is it something in the middle, a so-called soft landing?... [more]

Budget Analysis

The Federal Budget has delivered little in the way of surprises. Against a backdrop of recent media chat about cuts and tough budgets, many measures were well publicised in the run-up to Treasurer Wayne Swan’s fourth Budget. And, as for toughness, it will be reasonably benign in 2011–2012, with ... [more]

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