Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy

Your financial adviser must have reasonable grounds before making any recommendations regarding your financial plans, your investments or your personal insurance arrangements. Before making any recommendations, therefore, your adviser must ask about your individual financial situation, your
objectives and your aspirations.

The information requested will be used strictly for that purpose, and to provide you with associated information and material.

We store information in different ways, including paper and electronic forms. We take reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse and loss or unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. You have a right not to divulge personal information if that is your preference. In that event we are required to warn you that any recommendations made may be inappropriate to your circumstances and

This privacy policy provides a statement regarding the privacy provisions related to the disclosure of personal information and protection of confidentiality for you in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 2001 and the National Privacy Principles.

The collection of personal information from you

Your adviser is required by law to collect personal information from you in order to provide financial information or advice. In general some or all of the following kind of information will be collected and held by us.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact details, including telephone number
  • Gender, marital status
  • Date of birth, date of marriage
  • Health information (mainly for insurance purposes)
  • Occupation and employer
  • Salary and other income sources
  • Your tax-file number, with your permission
  • Living expenses and debts
  • Assets and liabilities
  • Family details, mainly dependants

The use of your personal information

The personal information collected from you will or may be used for the purposes of determining recommended courses of action by you, or the selection of investments for you, or arranging life insurances or disability insurances, or taking other actions deemed appropriate for you circumstances.
The information may also be used to provide you with general information about superannuation, social security, investment and insurance products, and for the marketing of related financial products and services. This may include forwarding to you newsletters, brochures, information about products and services, and other material or information which your adviser believes may be of interest to you. If at any time you prefer not to receive this information please inform us immediately and your name will be removed from the relevant mailing list.

Note: We do not provide any mailing lists to others.

The disclosure of your personal information

The provision of financial information and services to you may require the disclosure by your adviser or our Licensee of your personal information to financial service providers, such as fund managers and insurers, who will be similarly restrained from disclosing any of your personal information to others without your approval. Where your personal information is disclosed we will seek to ensure that the information is held, used or disclosed in a manner consistent with the National Privacy Principles, and relevant Health Privacy Principles and any other applicable privacy laws and codes.
The types of organizations or persons who may be provided with your personal information, on a need-to know basis, are:

  • Your commercial representatives such as your accountant, lawyer, tax-agent, stockbroker or banker.
  • Others who assist in the conduct of a financial service business, such as fund managers and para-planners involved in the provision of financial information and advice (and may include on-going service), and those providing administrative, accounting, legal, research, insurance, computer and similar services. 
  • Product suppliers in connection with superannuation, managed funds and insurances.
  • Those who may be involved in a restructure of our business or the transfer of all or a part of the business of the adviser or our Licensed Securities Dealer to another.
  • Government authorities or agencies when required by law.
  • Any other person or organization for whom you have given your consent for the release of information.
  • Government identifiers such as tax file numbers may be collected. However, we do not use or disclose this
    information other than when required or authorized by law or unless you consent to its disclosure to a
    third party.
  • Like all financial institutions, we must comply with all legislative obligations, including the Anti-Money
    Laundering & Counter Terrorism Financing Act 2006. This Act includes an obligation to report suspicious

Accuracy of information held about you

You may gain access to the personal information held by your adviser or our Licensed Securities Dealer during normal working hours, except that information about which the law may require denial of access, and you may have errors corrected or omissions filled. Any request in writing will be dealt with within a few days. If urgent access is required reasonable notice to enable retrieval of the information would be appreciated.

Resolving Issues about Privacy

If you have any issue, or complaint, about the privacy of your personal information, please contact us.

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