Mortgage Brokering & Loan Advice

We take the hassle out of dealing with the Banks.


As one of the founders of mortgage broking in the early 1990's , Renato Cenedese knows the industry inside and out, he knows where the best deals are, what you should look for in a loan and he can talk to the right people within the banks.

Whether it is a home loan, car loan or business finance you need, Renato and Assured Financial have access to all the major providers and can find the deal that best suits you and generally there is no cost to do so as the Bank’s meet our costs..


So if you are not sure if you are getting a competitive deal from your bank or if you are confused by the amount of choice, let Assured Financial do the work for you and make it a hassle free process.

Note; he is a credit representative of Australian Finance Group  ACL371503