Financial Planning

Assured Planners Pty Ltd are Authorised Representatives of Synchronised Business Services Pty Ltd ( AFSL 243313 ), who are  Members of the Financial Planning Association of Australia Limited.

We offer a comprehensive financial planning service that identifies individual client needs and objectives and covers the important elements of:

  • saving and superannuation
  • protection of asset values and current lifestyle
  • goal setting
  • development of properly balanced investment portfolios
  • tax effectiveness
  • financial arrangements in retirement  

Our primary aim is the generation of sustainable wealth creation for our clients. This focus allows our clients to establish a solid and sensible financial foundation for an independent retirement.


Our  approach to Financial Planning Advice 
Financial planning is the process of meeting your goals through proper management of your finances. Financial security is a vital part of your quality of life - not only now, but in all the years to come. Many people fail to realise that their financial plan - or lack of a plan – is probably more important than the underlying investments they select. This is where good advice and on-going management from a qualified planner can translate into a secure and prosperous future.

In providing financial planning advice to our clients, we use a six-step process. The aim of the process of to take a 'big picture' look at your current position, and to define your financial goals for the future. Our recommendations are designed to help you understand what you may need to do, now and in the future, to achieve your goals. The six steps in our process are:

  • Gathering your financial data - your income, debts, assets.  
  • Identifying your goals and your investment risk-profile
  • Identifying financial issues which may impede your ability to achieve your goals
  • Preparing your financial plan and designing investment strategies that can reduce or overcome items identified at Stage 3
  • Implementing your financial plan
  • Reviewing and revising your plan - to ensure it stays up-to-date and relevant to the economic and legislative climate as well as to your changing lifestyle.

A key factor in our recommendations is your attitude to risk. In general, investments, which offer higher than average returns, have a higher exposure to risk. For some investors volatile investments are not suitable; others may be prepared to accept some risks as part of a generally balanced and secure portfolio, while some investors may be comfortable with a more aggressive investment approach. For this reason, we spend considerable time getting to understand your personal circumstances and outlook before we recommend any investments to you.

When you are comfortable that you understand the recommendations in the report, and that they meet your objectives, then we will assist in implementing the plan, including placement of funds into your preferred investments, arranging risk insurance, and the liaison with other professionals such as taxation advisors, lawyers or government departments.


Advice first, product second 
A current trend in Australian financial planning is an increasing majority of Advisory businesses owned by the large financial institutions – banks and insurance companies. Synchron is privately owned and place great emphasis on best-practice advice rather than favouring any particular investment product or investment manager.

To this end we have a broad-ranging Approved Products List covering a wide-array of investment managers and life offices.